6 Easy Steps to Protect your PBX from a Hurricane Related Outage

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6 Easy Steps to Protect your PBX from a Hurricane Related Outage

As the US and Caribbean prepare for Hurricane Irma, we want you to know that Avaya and our team is by your side and available to help now and after the storm passes. We are committed to your business. Our sales teams and employees are here to help preserve critical business operations. Please contact the Avaya Support Website for specific proactive support information.

Avaya recommends reviewing the following 6 steps available on Avaya’s support website as a helpful reminder for final preparations:

  1. Save translations before the emergency event impacts the site.This will ensure that recent changes are not lost and speed restoration in the advent of damage to the system.
  2. Review safety procedures with all employees prior to the emergency event, if possible, and make certain to have an updated contact list to keep in touch.
  3. Secure back-up mediaso that translations won’t be lost or damaged, thereby delaying restoration of your service. Take a copy of back-ups and any other information off site.
  4.         Print and store a current list configuration of key solutions.If a new system is necessary, this simple precaution will save time in starting the process.
  5.         Consider powering your system down before the emergency event impacts the site Electrical power surges both before and after an emergency event can pose the greatest threat to your system.
  6.         Contemplate moving switch/applications if the site is located in an area that may be exposed to damage from the emergency.

FEMA Hurricane Status

For the most current information on the status of Hurricane Irma and information on precautions you and your family can take in advance, please refer to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website at www.fema.gov.

Click here for the National Hurricane Center: www.nhc.noaa.gov


Our first priority is your safety and we stand by ready to support your business continuity and disaster recovery needs now and in the future.



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