Telecom NewsBytes Nov. 8, 2021 – RAY BAUM‘s act Phase II in effect on January 6

The next phase in MLTS 911 Federal legislation goes into effect in less than 60 days as Phase II of the RAY BAUM’S Act §506 will require additional action by MLTS Operators on January 6, 2022. Currently, those requirements apply to WIRED devices that are analog, digital, or IP telephony-based, and located within the business premises. In less than 60 days, those requirements will be extended to cover wireless devices within the premise, as well as provide a dispatchable location for remote users, such as work at home deployments of telephony on laptops, or IP telephones. Guidance on remediation can be downloaded from the website, and current information on new Next Generation 911 Technology and solutions that lower OPEX, as well as CAPEX, compared to legacy E911 systems is available from

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