OFF the CUFF: True Confessions of an ENP with Steve Martini, ENP – Nashville Metro Communications Center

I first met Steve when he was a trainer in Hamilton County Tennessee, and just about to sit for his ENP certification exam. Shortly after that, he then moved on to the Director of emergency communications for Brentwood, and now runs the Metro Nashville Emergency Communication Center. After giving my family a 1st class behind-the-scenes tour of the facility, we discussed the recent changes in technology, the challenges of hiring good new people, as well as the value and ENP certification rings to the job, as well as the challenges of hiring and keeping good staff on site as a team to be groomed for the future. This was recorded live, in the center on December 23 exactly one year after the Nashville RV bombing just last year.

This episode was done on-site in the ECC, so audion only.

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