Kari’s Law / RAY BAUM’S Act 8 years – 1 Month and 5 Days Later

Today, January 6, 2022 the RAY BAUM’S Act Phase 2 went into effect, ensuring that a dispatchable location is transmitted to Emergency Call Centers for 9-1-1 calls from commercial multi-line telephone systems servicing systems in schools, large office buildings, hospitals, and other environments. This new law strengthens the Kari’s Law Act of 2018 which requires direct access to 9-1-1 as well as On-Site Notification that an emergency call was made. While we celebrate this legislative victory, let’s not forget the long hard road to get here. Kari Hunt died on December 1st 2013. It took 1538 days to get Kari’s Law passed and signed by the President. It took another 1,420 days, or a TOTAL of 2,958 days to get here today.

Without the hard work by Hank Hunt, D.j. Hunt, Rep. Louie Gohmert – U.S. Congress, Past FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, and Dan Wilson, this grassroots initiative would have gone nowhere, as many did in the past.

#KarisLaw, the #RAYBAUMS Act Phase 1 and Phase 2 are now in FULL EFFECT; There are very few valid cases for waivers or grandfather clauses. REGARDLESS of the age of the system, if it CAN be made compliant, you MUST make it compliant. If you have any questions about compliance, feel free to reach out, we will attempt to provide some basic technical guidance, but PLEASE remember to consult your own resources for a legal opinion.

The legislative journey, from our 1st meeting in Marshall, TX – to the White House on February 16, on the 50th anniversary of the very 1st 9-1-1 call in Haleyville, AL.

Pictured in the photo at the top of this article L-R are:
[TOP] Hank Hunt, Ajit Pai, Mark J Fletcher Enp (the great TX/KS BBQ Brawl) | Hank Hunt testifying to the US Senate Energy and Commerce Committee | Kari Hunt

[BOTTOM] Mark J Fletcher Enp Hank Hunt at the FCC hearings | Dan Wilson with wristbands for ALL in Louie Gohmert’s Office before heading to 1600 Penns Ave. | Mark J Fletcher Enp, Brianna Dunn wearing the #KarisLaw wristbands I wore for 5 years.


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