TelecomNewsBytes 22-01-07 – CES Automotive Epiphany that Applies to Public Safety and NG911

While NG911 public safety networks are very unique and purpose-built, that does NOT mean that they can’t learn lessons from other industries. The CES show took place in Las Vegas recently, an automotive technology reporter Steve Tengler  wrote a story for Forbes that has tremendous relevance to the public safety industry, in a very interesting message on the evolution of any new technology, as it defines the marketplace where it will live.  It’s not just a lesson in Automotive technology, it’s an excellent observation of the message about technology evolution, and the platform that it gets built upon. Enjoy the weekend! Thanks to Jeremy DeMar for bringing this article to my attention, and making the Friday edition of Telecom Newsbytes a simple choice to extend to all of you. Follow Steve on Twitter or LinkedIn

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