Telecom NewsBytes 22-02-28 – Curly Cords and Phone Jacks – Getting Rid of Legacy 911

 Urgent Communications Editor, Donny Jackson reported last week, NG911 funding has always been problematic. Migration will require an enormous sum of capital that must come from somewhere. Current estimates call for between $9B and $15B to fund the migration of the 6000 PSAP / ECCs in existence today from their legacy environment to a modern one that is digital and IP-based, and most importantly capable of transporting modern communications and modalities. “Here she comes to save the day!” FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has an idea to do just that however, Congress must reauthorize the agency in September, and allow it to continue to hold spectrum auctions for airwaves. Revenues from those auctions would then be earmarked to fund the construction and interconnectivity of 1st responders to the NG911 network; getting away from “curly cords and wall jacks”, referring to the legacy analog networks in use today for E911.

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