Telecom NewsBytes – 22-03-18 ENTERPRISE CONNECT 911 Panel Session

911inform is a company that is solving the age-old 911 problems with today’s technology, as well as having a BOLD focus on the future and influencing it with innovation in what’s to come.

If you are going to Enterprise Connect in Orlando, I ask you to join me in Sun B on Monday, March 21 at 11:15 am, where we’ll discuss this issue and all of its complexities with my friends and colleagues, Martha Buyer (Attorney, Law Offices of Martha Buyer, PLLC), Robin Erkkila (911 Sales Engineer, Bandwidth), and Joshua Burch (Director of Product, Intrado) as we participate on a panel moderated by  Irwin Lazar (President & Principal Analyst, Metrigy).

Trust me, if you thought our previous year’s sessions were informative and a little disruptive, wait until you see what we have to show you this year. TRAVEL SAFELY!

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