Telecom NewsBytes 22-04-08 – In the EU ETSI is Requiring AML Location Services on ALL Mobile Phones Sold

ETSI has announced that, as of March 17, all smartphones sold in Europe are required to comply with Advanced Mobile Location (AML) for emergency communications. AML enables the handset to automatically send user location information when contacting emergency services. It was originally standardized by the ETSI technical committee on emergency communications (EMTEL) in 2019. A spokesperson for the ETSI said: “AML meets the requirements of the Delegated Regulation 2019/320. The legislation specifically requires that smartphones process data from global navigation systems, compatible and interoperable with at least the Galileo system, and Wi-Fi data, to establish the caller’s position.” 

This new capability opens the door for additional data into EU PSAPs, similar to the RapidSOS model in the US.

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